RENT Magazine Q3 '23

Veil Not Fail

By Garrett Sutton, Esq.

When a business owner or shareholder is held personally liable for a business’ debts, that’s called “piercing the corporate veil” – and it happens in nearly half of all lawsuits against single-member and small corporations and LLCs.

Garrett Sutton, Esq. is a corporate legal expert and the personal asset protection attorney for “Rich Dad” founder Robert Kiyosaki. In Veil Not Fail, he shares the critical information business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and high-wealth individuals need to set up and maintain secure corporate entities to protect themselves from personal legal exposure and reduce the risk of a lawsuit in the first place.

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Anyone who owns a small business, LLC and/or invests in real estate as a corporate entity should read Veil Not Fail, a must read to learn how to protect your personal assets as a business owner. Based on years of extensive experience as an Asset Protection Attorney, it is written in an easy-to-follow format with historic cases and lessons learned. Highly recommended! - Liz K.

Building an Empire: Failing our Way to Millions

By Steven Rozenberg

Steven Rozenberg and IT executive Pete Neubig struggled with tenants who wouldn't or couldn't pay and property maintenance issues. Through trial and error, they built their Houston-based real estate business into one of the fastest growing property management companies in the nation.

Their determination, naivete, and strong bond led them to seek counsel from industry experts who pointed them in the right direction. Today their business has four strategically located offices with hundreds of managed properties. Learn how they made it happen.

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When I read this book, there were so many times when I said, "that's so true" and "we've been there!" Steve has captured the realities of being a landlord and shares what not to do and even what properties not to buy. I love the story of transformation in this book and how he and his business partner made that shift. Excellent book! - Nichole S.


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