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Break of Day Capital

Break of Day Capital is focused on acquiring multifamily real estate investments that offer value-add opportunities throughout the US. They look to growing markets for under-managed assets to maximize investor returns year after year. Minimizing risk by doing exhaustive research and meticulous due diligence, they partner locally with the best real estate professionals and carefully manage the investment every step of the way. Gary Lipsky, President, has been a real estate investor since 2002 and has invested in over 2,800 units and $250 million in real estate transactions. He is also the Co-Founder of the Asset Management Summit, Real Estate Asset Management Podcast, and co-author of the book Best in Class. His expertise in asset management is his secret sauce and he started developing those skills at a young age.

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Gary Lipsky


Apartment Addicts

Apartment Addicts was founded by best-selling authors and Bar Down Investment principles Ashley Wilson and J Scott. Wilson and Scott program teaches people all aspects of apartment ownership, including how to find, fund, and run apartments. Since launching in 2021, their students have acquired several thousand units, and many have left their 9-5 jobs to focus entirely on investing. If you are looking for a program to provide knowledge and support on all aspects of apartment ownership, Apartment Addicts is it!

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Ashley Wilson and J Scott


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