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WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN SEARCHING FOR A DST ADVISORY FIRM With these wide ranges of emotions as a backdrop, Kay Properties & Investments has put together a quick checklist of what real estate investors should look for when searching for an advisory firm that specializes in Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 exchanges. • Make sure you use a firm that is hyper-specialized in DST 1031 investments There are only a handful of truly specialized firms that deal with nothing but DST 1031 investment strategies. Many firms offer services like financial planning, insurance, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc., but these are considered generalists in the industry. A true DST specialist firm will have participated in billions of dollars of DST investments and be able to provide clients hundreds of different DST 1031 exchange portfolio options in order to satisfy their specific, unique needs. Ask how many DST 1031 deals the firm has successfully completed. KEY TAKEAWAY • Make sure you use a firm that has an entire team of DST 1031 professionals The DST 1031 market can be fraught with risk. Understanding how the concepts of debt replacement, lease structuring, diversifying real estate portfolios, etc. are relevant to any 1031 exchange is critical, and a true DST 1031 expert will be able to explain these and other terms in great detail.

Guilt: Many investors get caught between the close of their sale and the start of their 1031 countdown. It

is at this point they feel guilty that they didn’t consult with their real estate broker or other professional ahead of the sale closing date in order to get ahead of the curve. Also, guilt can derive from failing to successfully complete a 1031 exchange into income-producing properties because it will hurt not only the investor but also their family/heirs. Real estate investors can cope with this troublesome run of emotions by seeking the advice of a qualified DST 1031 firm that specializes in nothing but DST 1031 properties to help guide them across the often potentially treacherous waters of DST 1031 investing. “Firms Like Kay Properties are special because we do nothing but work in the DST space day in and day out. For many years, investors have chosen Kay Properties and Investments for our vast selection of DST opportunities, vigorous DST due diligence process, extensive expertise in real estate, and relentless dedication to customer service,” said Kay Properties & Investments founder and CEO, Dwight Kay.

Ask very specific questions and demand very specific answers. KEY TAKEAWAY


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