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USING SELF-GUIDED TOURS TO HELP WITH TODAY’S NEW LEASING CHALLENGES In our post-pandemic world, traditional ways of doing things have become obsolete, seemingly overnight. Operators need to find ways to manage their assets more efficiently and meet evolving renter preferences. Everyone will be looking for smarter and quicker ways to rent apartments, which presents its own set of challenges. HERE ARE THREE TIPS FOR HOW SELF-GUIDED TOURS CAN HELP SOLVE TODAY’S NEW LEASING CHALLENGES: CHALLENGE #1

TIP #1: Provide Self-Serve and Flexible Options Offering flexible touring options outside of standard business hours makes it easy for renters to tour when it is most convenient for them. But how do you start? Try a self-guided

easily find and choose their preference and schedule a tour. Set expectations for the tour and have a clearly defined tour path to easily access and locate buildings, amenities, and show units. On the leasing side, the self-guided tour process collects and integrates guest card data into CRM/lead management tools or property management systems. It also incorporates

actionable next steps for reviewing availability, pricing, or starting an online application while on the tour. A survey by Tour24 found that nearly 40 percent of self-guided tours are taken outside of standard business hours when leasing offices are closed. Self-guided tours are no longer an emerging technology – they are an essential technology. If you are not offering

Pandemic Renters’ Expectations Have Changed Today’s renters expect to have self-serve and flexible options. They want to tour when they want and not during the limited dates and times made available by communities. They expect a self-service solution and want to interact with as few people as possible to find their next home.

touring solution. Best practices for self-guided tours

include grouping all the touring options together so a renter can

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