RENT Magazine Q4 '21

Add Mobile Payment to your Tenant Laundry! Eliminate the Need for Quarters! Improve tenant satisfaction and increase your revenues by keeping tenants on site for laundry, and not at the laundromat. Plus, reduce or eliminate the hassle of dealing with quarters. Even reduce vandalism risk! PayRange adds mobile payment to existing laundry machines in minutes, and no internet connection is required, the user’s smart phone enables payments. Get started for only $20 per washer or dryer then ongoing costs are about 3% per transaction. * No monthly fees, and installation of the PayRange BluKey device takes only a few minutes.

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PayRange works with existing coin operated machines, no need to replace or remove existing payment systems.

Free PayRange App available for both iOS and Android devices allows for the use of multiple funding sources.

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*Terms and conditions apply. PayRange is a trademark of PayRange Inc. Patent 8856045andother Patents Pending. ©2021 PayRange Inc.

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