RENT Magazine Q4 '21

of a property without recognizing that it’s at the cost of the emotional wellbeing of the people who are overburdened running these assets. I really have a heart for them. And when you have these conditions, turnover’s going to be high. I imagine with high turnover it’s difficult to grow your operation. Yeah, you’re right. One of the biggest indicators of resident satisfaction is low employee turnover at the properties. And one of the things that leads to employee satisfaction is clear and consistent responsibilities and providing the tools to do their job effectively. When you have unhappy employees, then you’re going to see resident satisfaction drop, vacancies rise, and rental rates come down. It’s a cycle that you want to stay out of. How can owner operators stay up to date on legal changes when they manage property across states? We have a patented machine learning algorithm that reads city, state, county municipal codes and creates tasks based on those updated. So as companies are spreading across city, state, and county lines, we’re able to help them stay on top of the legal compliance as well. What’s the next step for you and your company? We want to continue to provide a separate and distinct service from property management software platforms and complement what they’re doing by addressing the operations and maintenance life cycle. There’s more functionality surrounding that idea that we have yet to launch. For example, asset management to help track each piece of equipment that you have, the warranty expiration date, its useful life and when it’s likely to fail, so you can budget for the next year and schedule those tasks in Leo.

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