RENT Magazine Q4 '21

EFFICIENTLY SOURCING BUILDING MATERIALS FOR MULTIFAMILY CONSTRUCTION AND MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT The plans have been drawn and the permits approved. The next step in the building process is procuring all those materials needed to make your vision a reality. You’re going to need lumber, construction supplies, doors and windows, plumbing fixtures, lighting, electrical, smart home technology, flooring, tile, custom cabinetry, countertops, appliances, accessories and more. The list seems endless. Who has the manpower or the time to contact all of those suppliers for bids, review the quotes, order the materials, follow up on availability and ship dates, etc., etc.? The profitability of a project can hinge directly on the efficient sourcing of the construction materials.

HOW DID THE PANDEMIC AFFECT SUPPLIES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY? The lumber industry was particularly hard hit early on by the coronavirus pandemic. The lockdowns not only shut down lumber mills, homeowners decided their months at home were a perfect time to take on renovation projects. Following the laws of supply and demand, lumber shortages followed while prices skyrocketed. Construction companies, clambering for the lumber they needed to finish their projects on time, learned the importance of developing strong connections with their dealers. It became obvious that those who had well-established supplier relationships were still able to negotiate good deals for what they needed, thereby avoiding the construction delays reported by a record 75% of the sector, according to a survey of Multifamily Developers conducted by the National Multifamily Housing Council. Although lumber prices fell back in May 2021, several other building materials, such as steel mill products, rose precipitously. Everything from

1509 N 27th St, Philadelphia, PA 19121 Mega Supply Pro was able to offer Aviron Partners quick turnarounds and lowest prices on luxury fixtures and high quality finishes throughout this stunner. Stainless steel appliance packages, LED mirrors, floor and wall tile, custom bathroom vanities, glass shower doors, freestanding bathtubs, and chic matte black fixtures were delivered to the job site when they were ready to be installed.

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