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step QuickBooks online video course gives students the ability to generate these bookkeeping reports in the blink of an eye. I absolutely guarantee to all AAOA members that my free YouTube playlist is the perfect free course for anyone who is considering QuickBooks as their software for keeping financial records of a property

differently than the companies that own the property. The QuickBooks for Landlords course is best if you simply own and rent but if you’re a property management company, you need the other course (free at the link for AAOA members`) because giving service to property owners is a completely different process. For an investment of just a few short hours of study time, you can become an expert in one of the most common and popular in-demand bookkeeping software solutions and have a program that gives you what you need. Your life will be simpler

and your properties will be more profitable. I invite all AAOA members to ask me questions about these videos in the comment section of the video. Remember, it’s completely free because I just want members to be able to keep records with QuickBooks easily without having to spend money on special industry-specific software. You should get the benefit of QuickBooks because you’re an AAOA member! I’m happy to connect with any member who needs QuickBooks advice.

management company. Watch the FREE Course “QuickBooks for Property

Management Companies” Here. Property management service companies run and keep records

MARK SMOLEN QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Mark Smolen has been a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor Since 2011. In 2015 he created this YouTube Channel www. that has reached thousands of landlords who want to learn about QuickBooks. Smolen’s extensive experience began when he taught Computerized Accounting at A.S.A. College from 1993 to 2008.

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