RENT Magazine Q4 '21

SMART CELLULAR COVERAGE SOLUTIONS ADD A NEW DIMENSION TO APARTMENT SAFETY Tenants look for affordability, convenience, and amenities when searching for their next apartment. Safety is also a priority and can help to differentiate your buildings from other properties.

Exterior lights, security cameras, gates, fencing, security personnel, window and door locks, and electronic locks are all on the list of safety features that your apartment buildings can offer to provide tenants with peace of mind. This list, however, misses a very important component of a comprehensive safety plan: cellular coverage. During an emergency, the ability to communicate with emergency personnel, property management, and even family and friends from a mobile phone can help prevent or mitigate serious injury, property damage, and even death. The key to enabling reliable communications is stable cellular coverage in your buildings. However, this can be

a challenge due to a number of factors ranging from materials used in building construction to obstructions that visibly block the line of sight to cellular towers. Fortunately, new smart coverage solutions have added an entirely new dimension to affordable in-building cellular coverage for residential apartment buildings and are enabling a new level of safety in these buildings. CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS FOR IN- BUILDING CELLULAR COVERAGE Cellular technologies have advanced significantly over the years. Outdoor cellular signals are typically of good quality because of the sheer number of cell towers that carriers have put

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