RENT Magazine Q4 '21

MAINTENANCE PROFESSIONALS AND FAIR HOUSING TRAINING - A MUST Fair housing training for maintenance professionals is a compliance prerequisite, but housing providers sometimes overlook this need. Often they are the first team members who arrive after a maintenance call comes in. They interact with residents on a regular basis. Kindness and courtesy can often be misinterpreted. We want kindness and courtesy to always be maintained. Scenario-based fair housing training goes a long way to create a good balance. SOCIALIZING Socializing with residents outside work is a no-no. When an off-limits. However, they should be done somewhere other

since there was no work-related reason for them to be there. The best thing to do is to turn down the job offer in a polite manner. FAVORS Closely following the guidelines for side jobs, doing favors for a resident is something the employee should politely turn down. Unfortunately, it can be seen as favoritism, or possibly something can occur while helping the resident. This can include getting injured or even

than the property at which an employee works. Problems may occur if one were to help after work hours. For example, problems could arise if a resident offered to pay an employee to help them move some things. Maybe an item goes missing, the employee is injured, or something is broken. Is the company going to be able to support the employee with those issues? It would be hard to do so

employee spends a substantial amount of time, it can come off as favoritism. Or what about the possibility of allegations, such as sexual harassment? It is a general rule to just stay away from socializing outside of work to keep issues from arising. SIDE JOBS Side jobs, such as helping to move some things, aren’t always

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