RENT Magazine Q4 '21


✓ Keep all contact information up to date ✓ Secure documents, back them up, and store them off-site ✓ Require your tenants to carry renter’s insurance to protect their belongings

✓ Make sure your insurance policy includes Business Income (or Loss of Rents) coverage, which will pay for loss of rental income when your property has been damaged by a covered cause of loss (such as fire, wind, hail, etc.) ✓ Get quotes for a flood policy – they may be less expensive than you think! ✓ Retrofit your properties to coincide with the catastrophes most likely to hit your area:

Wildfire-prone areas

- Use non-combustible materials or reinforce with flame-resistant fire board or cement - Fill in driveway with gravel

- Clear all combustible materials away from your building (this includes pine straw)

Flood-prone areas

- Waterproof your foundation - Seal cracks and gaps - Raise the structure

- Install foundation vents - Grade your land away from the structure

Tropical Storm-prone areas 6

- Install storm shutters or add shatter-resistant film - Fortify your roof by re-adhering any loose shingles - Install roof strappings to anchor the roof to the frame of the structure - Trim back any trees from the building on a regular basis - Remove any dead or damaged trees - Secure all outdoor property so it cannot be lifted and used as a storm missile - Find out if you are in a state that offers hurricane loss mitigation inspections that lead to insurance discounts

Tornado-prone areas 7

- Install impact-resistant windows - Install roof strappings to anchor the roof to the frame of the structure

- Secure entry doors - Secure all outdoor property

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