RENT Magazine Q4 '21

of opportunities to maximize the NOI, such as keeping up with market rents, offering value-added services to tenants that bring extra money to the bottom line, or having an effective management team in place that manages the income and expenses properly. Be crystal clear in your mind before getting on the phone. Also practice (out loud) explaining what you’re looking for multiple times before you make the call. You’ll come across as more confident and seasoned if you’re not stumbling over your words (super common when you’re doing a new thing). TIP: If you’re really worried about it, pick some random market that you have no intention of

investing in and make those calls to get live practice. Sometimes you have to do your own hacks to get through a difficult part. But with some practice, you’ll sound like a seasoned pro. Also remember, you are ALREADY investing. So be confident in stating you’re an experienced investor looking to expand into a new area. Speak boldly and clearly - and above all, talk like the CEO you’re on the journey to becoming. Now, get out there and start making stuff happen. YOU are the one that will take care of you and yours, not the government, not your employer. You can do this!

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Jen and Stacy Conkey have a combined 20+ years as entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Through their diverse real estate experiences, Jen and Stacy Conkey know what it takes to identify deals and make offers on properties that will build a long-lasting wealth portfolio. With over a decade of experience sharing knowledge with other investors, Jen and Stacy have taught thousands of people across the globe on what it takes to succeed in real estate investing, with actionable strategies that make cashflow real estate fun and easy.

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