RENT Magazine Q1 '22

CLYDESDALES AND CABINS: AAOA MEMBER MAKES MOVES IN MONTANA AAOA member and investor, Matt Arnold-Ladensack, made a bold move to invest in Montana real estate with a twist. His innovative vision to combine cozy cabins and Clydesdale horses is a new take on luxury short-term rentals. Below, Matt explains why he made the move and how Montana tourism and population growth is drawing investors from across the country.

“Whitefish and Kalispell, Montana are two of the few places in America that have it all. Quiet, peaceful neighborhoods, endless city-maintained hiking and biking trails, a ski resort, a large alpine lake in the middle of town, great restaurants, and quick proximity to Glacier National Park.” “Like most towns, there is an affordability crisis since the pandemic pushed many into resort towns for second homes and a change in lifestyle. With Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispell, there are more direct flights than ever dropping off tourists and future residents.”

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