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REVIEWS It’s easy to look at rating scores and say, “That product has a 4.5, this has a 4.9, and that other one has a 3.0. Clearly, the 4.9 is the best.” The thing to keep in mind is not just the score in a vacuum, but how the score compares to the rest of the industry. If most platforms score 4.5 or above and one scores 4.3, it may be a lot worse than the others, even though a .2 drop might not seem that bad. Another thing to look at in terms of review quality is what reviewers said. A product that might have gotten a 4.5 rating might be dragged down to 4.3 by a single 1.0 rating that was left for reasons unrelated to the quality of the app. Recent Reviews It’s also important to look at recent Diversity The final item is review diversity. In other words, look at a few different

their LinkedIn or Gmail accounts and provide proof that they’re actually using the software they’ve reviewed. TrustPilot makes it a little easier to get reviews published, but it’s the site Google relies on more than any other. Whichever direction Google goes, most people follow. There are many other sites, but you should at least include those three in your research. The point is to look at multiple, trusted review sites and see how the reviews stack up for the property management software you’re considering.

reviews. A five-star review from 10 years ago is not the same as a five-star review from today. If the software has been around for many years, it may have gotten better or worse over time - which the overall rating might not reflect. As mentioned above, somebody may have left a review a couple years ago about a serious bug that was fixed soon after. Do some research, check out the product website, and reach out to that platform to see if that’s still a bug or if it’s been fixed.

review sites. Is the property management software you’re considering rated 5.0 on one site and 3.0 on another? If so, which site is the most trustworthy and the most current? The three big software review sites are Capterra, TrustPilot, and G2. These sites are trusted by thousands of users. One reason Capterra and G2 are highly regarded is that they are two of the hardest review platforms on which to have a review published. They require reviewers to connect

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