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CHARLOTTE, NC BIRMINGHAM, AL Charlotte has seen profound growth in the past 18 months, surrounding the movement of Big Tech and Big Medical companies. Pair that with fantastic year-round weather, a site centrally located to the Beach and Mountains, and a central hub for American Airlines, and you have a recipe for success and growth in Charlotte. When most people think of Alabama, they think about Southern hospitality, food, and football. What people don’t think about is the booming technology and healthcare sectors that Birmingham has to offer, making it one of the best-kept secrets in investing.

Innovation is driven by the city’s commitment to entrepreneurs. As a result, private equity and venture capital investments have flooded the city’s startup ecosystem. Two Birmingham tech companies in the last five years have sold for a combined $2 Billion. The entrepreneurs leading these charges are committed to turning the city into a southern tech hub, headquartering their new ventures and accelerators in the city. The University of Alabama at Birmingham and UAB Hospital are the main drivers behind a rapidly growing healthcare sector in Birmingham. With highly ranked graduate health profession programs, top talent is actively moving to the city. As the nationally ranked hospital is continually filled with the next generation of top talent, the healthcare sector will continue to boom. • Large private equity and venture capital investments into the city’s startups • Entrepreneurs are committed to turning the city into a southern tech hub • Nationally ranked university and UAB Hospital bring and keep top talent

I’d urge all investors to research the Centene Corporation and their plans for a $1B (yes, Billion) headquarters just outside of the University Submarket of Charlotte. The Centene development will bring approx. 6,000 jobs with an average annual salary of $100,000, and it will completely disrupt the housing market. In December of 2020, I brokered a deal for a 65-unit, new- construction apartment building just 2.3 miles from the Centene site. This was the main factor in the Oregon-based investment firm’s decision to buy the property in cash, at a record-breaking cap rate, prior to it being fully occupied. • Centene Corporation will build $1B headquarters • 6,000 new jobs paying $100K+/yr will be created • Central hub for beach, mountains, and American Airlines.

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