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VANCOUVER, WA Located right over the Portland, Oregon bridge, Vancouver, WA has proven to be a desirable hometown to live. With its tall pine trees, visible mountains, and modern looking buildings, you get to experience city life and rural feel at the same time. Sandy beaches, forests, wet and dry lands are all within a short driving distance from this suburban town as well. Not only are price ranges attractive to out-of-state buyers, but tax savings are a key benefit. Property taxes are lower than national average, with the average effective tax rate currently at .93%. In addition to lower property taxes, Washington has no corporate excise tax, no state or county personal income tax, and no city or county business tax. Although the Vancouver market is still riding the heat wave of the past 18 months, there are other areas on the outskirts of town that are a tad bit cooler. With a short 15-minute drive to the suburbs, you can enjoy the same beauty but with the added benefit of lower prices, more land and less competition. • Suburban town offers city and rural feel • Tax friendly: Property taxes are lower than the national average (.93%) and no personal income tax. • Outskirts of Vancouver offer the same beauty, lower prices, and less competition


Idaho and the Treasure Valley have become the darling of the Pacific Northwest over the last 10 years. With mountain skiing and watersports within 30 minutes, it’s the playground of the active individual. The bucolic landscape and easy lifestyle also make it a top choice for corporations. Our major employers are St. Luke’s Medical Center, St. Alphonsus Health Systems, Albertsons, Boise State University, and Amazon. Idaho’s October Unemployment rate dropped to 2.8%, the state’s labor force grew by 1,470 people, and nonfarm gains grew 2.6% in Boise. Nampa has been on the radar of national investors for home prices and favorable taxes (1.2%). Idaho utilities remain among the lowest in the nation with average monthly power bills statewide at just $96.04. In Nampa, the November average existing home sold price was $395,399 with a total year increase of 32.4%. Multifamily home purchases remain highly competitive. Our expected real estate market growth in 2022 is between 10-15%. Though we have been in unpredictable times, our inventory remains at record shortages. • Low unemployment rate of 2.8% and growing labor force • Nampa, Idaho provides low home prices, taxes, and power bills • 10-15% real estate market growth predicted for 2022

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