RENT Magazine Q1 '22


The proactive property owner/manager is focused on two key issues around security: the safety of the property for its residents and the protection of the property itself. Research from Software Advice2 indicated that 34 percent of those who took part in the survey said that smart home technology was the most important smart amenity. Community security and a sense of personal safety are important to the apartment seeker. Pair this with smartphone apps that allow residents to control access to their building, to see who’s at the door with integrated video cams and enable one-time entry for cleaners or repair people and you have a winning combination So yes, there’s an app for smart access control. And if you are using smart prop tech software to manage your property, the two will work together seamlessly. This

is yet another example of the Internet of Things and why property owners and managers should use this technology to attract and keep residents. Perimeter Access Control is Not a New Thing—Smart Access Control Is Security has always been, in part, about perimeter access control. Consider the walls of Jericho, a fortification that dates to at least 8000 BCE. Or Hadrian’s wall, built sometime around 122 CE, to keep the barbarians from the north out of Roman-controlled Britannia. Happily, we live in the age of smart tech that simplifies access control with a combination of video intercom hardware and web-based software that, as mentioned above, also enables smart access management apps for residents.

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