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FROM MAJOR LEAGUES TO MULTIFAMILY AAOA INTERVIEWS THE BIG LEAGUE REALTOR Rob Scahill, aka the Big League Realtor, is helping investors in the Chicago area make homerun investments. Drafted in 2009 by the Rockies in the 8th round, Scahill made his Major League debut as pitcher for the team in 2012 and later went on to play for the Pirates, Brewers, and the White Sox. After retiring from baseball, it made perfect sense for Scahill to stay in Chicago, where he was born and raised, to jump start a career as a real estate broker. After being a team player for years, he is now pitching himself as a team member for his investor clients. With 37 sales under his belt in just a couple of years, he is making a mark on Chicago’s suburban real estate market.

AAOA’s Director of Education, Alexandra Alvarado, interviewed AAOA member Scahill about his journey and what he foresees for the Chicago real estate market.

How did you transition from baseball to real estate? When I retired from baseball in 2019, I already knew I wanted to transition into real estate and become a broker. Baseball prepared me for person- to-person interactions and being able to relate to people of different backgrounds. I played with people with little to no education all the way up to people with masters and doctorate degrees. So, learning to relate to people and being personable has helped me make the transition.

What made you want to get into real estate? What drew me was being able to make my own schedule. My wife and I have two young kids and she teaches during the day. Real estate allows me to work from home and be around the kids. You played for a few different teams and moved around quite a bit. What drew you to Chicago? I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I think having a connection to the community and having a lot of ties to people here were the main draws of

focusing my business in this area. What would you say is a reason that investors might want to get into the Chicago suburbs? The overall ease of the commute into the city draws a lot of renters to the suburban areas where I’m located. It’s central to O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport, both of which are within a 25-minute drive. There are also two train lines that access the city of Chicago directly. We’re nestled between four different major highways. There are great commute options, so it’s perfect

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