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NATIONAL EVICTION Since an applicant will usually try to keep a past eviction hidden from you, it is very necessary to order a tenant background check that includes a search through court records. When confronted with eviction judgments, most applicants will deny they were ever forced to leave their rental, but you will have the legal proof. NATIONWIDE CRIMINAL, TERRORIST, FEDERAL AND SEX OFFENDER SEARCHES Are you aware that you may be held criminally liable if someone on your property is injured by a tenant with a criminal record? It is vitally important that these searches are included in your research about a tenant applicant. If you should rent to someone with this type of history, you could actually lose good tenants who don’t want to live near this type of person.

CONSEQUENCES OF RENTING TO A BAD TENANT Sometimes people can be swayed to make bad judgment calls even though they know the facts should persuade them otherwise. Accepting a bad tenant whose credit report is dubious because they seem like a nice person is not the way to run a business. An unacceptable tenant can do a lot of harm to both your property and reputation. They can bring in unauthorized subletters whose background you have not checked or make changes to the home without your knowledge. This type of person can ruin the carpeting, walls, plumbing and appliances, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. The most obvious result of leasing your property to an undesirable tenant is a loss of revenue. If you rely on your rental property for income, this shortage can in turn cause you to have difficulties paying your mortgage. By trusting your intuition rather than gathering facts, you could put your own business in jeopardy.

NANCY ABRAMS Assistant Editor American Apartment Owners Association (866) 579-2262

Nancy Abrams has enjoyed a long career in real estate marketing throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. She formerly represented 19 Merrill Lynch Realty branch offices, property managers The Roberts Companies, new home developers, including master planned communities Peccole Ranch and The Valencia Company and shopping centers for Sandy Sigel of NewMark Merrill.

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