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5 REASONS WHY COMMUN ITY- WI DE WI F I I S A MUST-HAVE FOR APARTMENTS AND CONDOS Today’s tech-savvy tenants are looking for amenities beyond microwaves and refrigerators. They want to live in a place that provides seamless access to the internet everywhere. As a result, community-wide WiFi has emerged as one of the most sought- after services in the rental market.

According to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), a high percentage of renters are placing a premium on internet connectivity in their apartments and condos.

As a property owner or landlord, it’s useful to understand why tenants are looking for property- wide internet connectivity. This perspective can help you better position your apartments and condos for higher revenue and long-term tenancy.

Tenants can use the property-wide WiFi connection to set up their power, gas, and water. Removing the internet- connectivity hurdle will make your apartments and condos more desirable and you will attract great tenants faster.

High-Speed Internet

97.1% of renters consider it important or very important

1. New Renters Appreciate the Convenience

2. Tenants Get Better Quality Internet

Pre-Installed WiFi

As an owner of multi- dwelling units (MDUs), you are in a better position to negotiate with ISPs, allowing you to provide faster, higher bandwidth internet. Also, a managed WiFi service means better reliability, security, and customer service for the tenants.

New renters don’t have to worry about dealing with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). As soon as they move into the apartment, they can enjoy an instant connection to the internet. It removes one more obstacle to renting a new place.

74.8% of renters consider it important or very important

Community WiFi

69.3% of renters consider it important or very important

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