RENT Magazine Q3 '21


Editor in Chief Robbie Cronrod

Staff Editor Nancy Abrams

Marketing Manager Alexandra Alvarado


Designer Vera Gavrilova Advertising Kit Baker-Carr


Protect Your Property and Heirs with a Proper Estate Plan

Contributors Alexandra Alvarado Barry Bruce Belicia Hernandez Bradley Barth, Esq.


5 Reasons Why Community- Wide Wifi Is a Must-Have for Apartments and Condos

Catrina Linhard David Spooner Kathelene Williams, Esq. Lauren Lieb Matthew Sloley Nancy Abrams Richard D. Gann, JD Stacy Conkey Steve White The Dataline Technologies Team The Rentometer Team


What Your Dryer Vents Want You to Know


Emotional Support Animals and The Fair Housing Act


Rent Changes in Major Metros: June 2020 vs 2021

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Celebrities on the Move

Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on the Rental Housing Market

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