RENT Magazine Q3 '21


Price changes in your local rental marketplaces - some positive, some negative. You analyze and decide.



Since the start of the global pandemic, rent prices have changed across the U.S. To quantify the impact, we’ve inspected rent changes in ten metros where AAOA members reside. On the next page we present a summary analysis of our findings for these metros, comparing two- bedroom rents from June of last year with their current levels in 2021. Based on our analysis, year-over-year rents in these metros have fluctuated - some up and some down.

Our City Analysis uses a twelve- month “LookBack” to establish an average baseline rent. The twelve-month LookBack considers rent data twelve months back ending June 1, 2020 and twelve months back ending June 1, 2021.


As always, there are various factors that can influence local rental markets and it is important to do your research and consult multiple sources before making rental decisions.

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