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maintenance needs to call centers and utilize tech platforms to better streamline coordination across hundreds of doors. And this does help. But what takes it a step further is layering on a resident amenity where the tenant can call their maintenance line (with a guaranteed 60 second response time) to coordinate not only the property manager’s responsibilities, but also damages for which the tenant is responsible and any of the resident’s home chores, such as:

willing to pay a small monthly fee baked into their lease. This, of course, increases the company’s overall revenue per unit and profitability. With highly customizable and transparent software to oversee all maintenance activity, property managers are reducing the time they spend on maintenance by up to 80%. And, since Latchel is resident-paid, property managers are not only generating new revenue but running maintenance coordination at zero cost. Everybody wins.

Home cleanings Furniture assembly

TV Mounting Dog Walking And more!

They can do all of this through their personal online portal provided by Latchel. To add even more benefits, residents get $300 in service credits to help pay for these resident responsible services. They also get $300 in cash reimbursements to help pay for resident caused damages like clogged drains, garbage disposals, and lockouts.

Catrina Linhard Head of Marketing & Digital

Strategy at Latchel

Latchel helps property managers streamline their maintenance operations and increase their annual revenue through a resident amenity program. Since joining Latchel in 2019, she's helped Latchel bring growth oriented solutions to over 400 property management companies nationwide.

With all these perks right at their fingertips, they’re

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