RENT Magazine Q3 '21

Your properly prepared estate plan can help you:

property. It’s here where I want to mention asset protection. Asset protection and estate planning complement each other. If you own property you need to understand where liability comes from and how to protect yourself. Setting up the proper legal structure for your property is extremely important. Certain types of asset protection trusts can also help to guard you and your family from liability. Whatever tools you may use to guard your assets, they should properly integrate with your estate plan.

Avoid probate Leave behind your property for the next generation Give to charity Keep Uncle Sam away Appoint trusted people to handle your medical and financial affairs should something happen to you Appoint trusted people to care for your children if you become sick or injured Life can throw any of us a curveball when it comes to unforeseen events. The event could be an injury, illness or a liability related to your investment

Let’s take a look at what makes up your estate plan:

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