RENT Magazine Q3 '21

MANAG I NG YOUR MANAGER Have you ever wanted to invest using professional management but were scared of being ripped off? Who isn’t?! In this article, I’m going to talk about the specific action steps you can take to feel confident, knowledgeable, and in control.

Managing your management team is one of the most important Post-Closing skills you want to master when investing in any kind of cashflow real estate, whether you’re closing on a triplex or an apartment building.

of the things that pulled me into this world of real estate investing. The reality of life as a full time real estate investor, even a REMOTE investor (which is what I am) doesn’t exactly line up with “passive” the way I envisioned. The truth is, nobody cares about your assets more than you do. Does that mean you have to be driving to your properties collecting rent yourself? Fielding maintenance calls yourself? Oh my goodness….absolutely not! So, What DOES it Mean? It means that once you close and hand your property off to a property manager, you don’t want to just wipe your hands clean and hope for the best.

So, what exactly does that mean?

The Importance of a Property Manager Anytime you’re looking to create a scalable real estate business model that allows you financial freedom and time and location freedom, you’re going to need the help of professional property management. When I was a new investor nearly two decades ago, I bought into all of the “passive income,” “mailbox money” and “live on the beach and do nothing” hype. It was definitely one

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