RENT Magazine Q3 '21

#7 When a Tenant Won’t Pay Their Rent The majority of tenants sign a lease with every intention of paying their monthly rent. But sometimes life gets in the way and they cannot fulfill their financial obligations. And then there are the scammers who never planned to live up to their lease agreement at all. After paying rent for a month or two, they stop paying, so you begin the eviction process. They know that they can live rent-free on your dime for several months until they must vacate. How can you guard against the dishonest tenant? A comprehensive screening process will minimize, or even prevent, your chances of renting to a deadbeat tenant.

#8 Outsmarting the Eviction Process Any tenant fraudster knows the way to outmaneuver a landlord who has started eviction proceedings against them. If the property owner accepts a partial payment from the renter, the eviction process may have to be restarted and the tenant can continue to stay in the home. Allowing the tenant to remain in your unit for even a few more hours or an extra day can also end the eviction order. It is imperative that you are aware of your local laws before you file so that the eviction goes smoothly.

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