RENT Magazine Q3 '23

THE BENEFITS OF HELICAL BEAMING Long-lasting results: PROSOCO’s re-stabilization method, called helical beaming, ensures a durable and sustainable solution, reducing the need for frequent repairs. This translates into long-term savings for landlords and improved tenant satisfaction.


Minimized disruption: Minimizing disruption to your tenants is a top priority. PROSOCO’s approach involves efficient processes that are less intrusive, allowing your tenants to continue their daily activities with minimal inconvenience.


Cost-effective: Investing in a re-stabilization solution offers cost savings – both up front and in the long run. Helical beaming has been demonstrated to cost less than half of traditional methods, such as replacing steel lintels and brick. By addressing underlying issues effectively, you can avoid costly and repetitive repairs, optimizing your maintenance budget.


Enhanced property value: Well-maintained properties attract high-quality tenants and yield better rental returns. By choosing the helical beaming re-stabilization approach, you can protect and enhance the value of your investment.


Nationwide field support: Experienced technical representatives from PROSOCO come to you to train your contractor’s crew.



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