RENT Magazine Q3 '23

ENHANCED TENANT EXPERIENCE The convenience of online payments helps tenants meet their payment deadlines, thereby avoiding late fees and potentially enhancing their credit scores. These digital tools facilitate real-time updates on lease terms, renewal reminders, and maintenance requests, enhancing the communication between property owners and tenants. IMPROVED DECISION-MAKING Investors can use data collected by digital tools to identify trends in rent payments, maintenance requests, and other key metrics. This helps them make data-backed decisions about their properties, such as when to renovate or upgrade a unit or when to increase rent prices. In addition, the tools can help property managers identify potential risks and opportunities, allowing them to make proactive decisions to improve their bottom line.

Potential challenges and solutions



One might encounter resistance due to the comfort of established practices, especially among tenants or owners who use more traditional methods. Tenants and landlords may express concern about the security of sensitive digital information. Another perceived obstacle is the initial investment necessary to incorporate fintech solutions.

Hands-on demonstrations or trial periods to demonstrate fintech’s benefits to them should overcome this resistance.

One must choose platforms that oer robust encryption, frequent security updates, and strict adherence to data privacy regulations, ensuring the integrity and safety of users' data. It’s crucial to perceive financial technology integration as a long-term investment. While there will be initial costs and setup time, operational e ciencies and financial gains often compensate over time. Moreover, the fintech market, driven by growth and competition, oers a variety of cost-eective or even free solutions that cater to diverse needs and budgets, providing feasible options for all landlords.


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