RENT Magazine Q3 '23

Rental property owners in the South should ensure HVAC systems are ready for the grueling summer months. In the simplest terms, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! In the early spring, verify filters are replaced, condensation lines are clear and inspect for signs of freon leaks or excessive rust on coils. Even the best preventive maintenance won’t always stop the inevitable breakdowns. That’s why it’s important to develop a relationship with a local HVAC service for when that call comes from a tenant on a sweltering day, usually a Saturday! ENSURE HVAC SYSTEMS ARE READY



With extended daylight hours, consider increasing security. Your tenants are more active during the summertime, however, so are the criminals. Additionally, with the extended daylight hours, consider an on-site open house and invite your local municipal leadership. Police, fire, judicial, commissioners and other departments have community outreach programs, and are usually looking for partnerships with apartment communities. Lastly, consider back-to-school events. Many local churches and nonprofits are looking for volunteer activities to wind down the summer. Backpack events are a quick and easy way to engage the community and help student families including college students! YOUR TENANTS ARE MORE ACTIVE DURING THE SUMMERTIME, HOWEVER, SO ARE THE CRIMINALS.

Everyone enjoys the beautiful weather that summer gives us - but that includes pests and bugs! It never fails. Sometime in the late spring to early summer, at least one tenant will call me about ants or bugs that have found their way into the home. Depending on where you live the local ants, carpenter bees, and Palmetto bugs enjoy the weather as much as we do. That also means they enjoy some cool AC from time to time and are always searching for cold water when it's hot - all of which is INSIDE your home. Proactively treat your properties for pests and give your tenants some tips on how to prevent their new guests from staying too long.



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