RENT Magazine Q3 '23

FastFlash is an easy-to-install, fluid-applied membrane that creates seamless, airtight transitions between various materials in wall and window assemblies. It also can be applied to damp substrates and in wet conditions.


Step 1: Inspect and clean the rough openings Once the old windows are removed, thoroughly inspect the rough openings for any signs of damage or rot. Take the time to address and repair any issues before proceeding to the next step, ensuring a solid foundation for your new windows. Then, using a wire brush or another suitable abrasive tool, clean the rough opening to remove any loose debris or contaminants. This step is vital for establishing a proper seal around your new windows. Step 2: Apply R-Guard FastFlash Now it's time to apply R-Guard FastFlash around the perimeter of the rough opening. Make sure to apply a thick, continuous bead of FastFlash and extend it beyond the rough opening to ensure complete coverage and contact with the existing exterior WRB (Weather Resistive Barrier). Smooth the FastFlash using a trowel or putty knife to create a continuous seal.

Step 3: Install the new window Take your new window and install it into the prepared rough opening. Ensure that the window is level and plumb for proper functionality. Secure the window to the frame of the rough opening using screws or nails as specified by the manufacturer. Step 4: Finish the interior To complete the process, install backer-rod and AirDam sealant at the head, jambs (sides), and sill joint between the FastFlash-treated rough opening and the window frame on the interior side. This interior perimeter sealant acts as an additional barrier against water and air infiltration. Step 5: Install your window trim And you’re done! When it comes to replacing windows in commercial buildings, attention to detail is key. By applying R-Guard FastFlash around rough openings and following these step-by-step instructions, you'll achieve a proper installation that safeguards your property for years to come.

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