RENT Magazine Q3 '23

TAX DEFERMENT, FINANCING, AND INSURANCE OPTIONS Another significant benefit of this partnership is the streamlined access to tax deferment services, such as 1031 exchanges. AAOA’s trusted tax strategists provide free consultations to help determine the best way to reduce, defer, or eliminate capital gains when selling your investment property. You can also get a free quote from AAOA's network of lenders who can help finance your deal. Often, they are able to provide better rates and terms than your own bank. Our network includes specialists in multifamily, construction, commercial and other rental property. If you are purchasing a new property and are shopping for a better rate on insurance, you can also get a free quote from insurance companies that focus on policies for real estate investors. Going to the same insurance provider as your personal auto or home policy is typically limited and can leave you with a higher insurance bill and less coverage. We'll connect you with our experts to get you the best policy for your needs.


The partnership between AAOA and 100 brokers signifies a significant step forward in empowering our real estate investor members. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide enhanced access to off-market properties, leverage expert knowledge and services, and foster a vibrant community for networking and collaboration. We are excited about the immense potential this partnership holds for our members and look forward to a prosperous future together.

ALEXANDRA ALVARADO Director of Marketing and Education American Apartment Owners Association (866) 579-2262

Alexandra has worked for AAOA for 8 years, launching AAOA’s educational division in 2016 and has hosted and moderated over 100 webinars for thousands of landlords nationwide. She also curates breaking news and original content for AAOA Today , a biweekly newsletter with 75,000 readers, and RENT Magazine. Alexandra has been interviewed by national news outlets including The New York Times, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, and Her extensive sales and marketing background in the rental industry has made her a point person for rental industry professionals who want to learn how to select quality tenants and reduce their rental risk. Alexandra has a BA and MBA in Marketing from Pepperdine University.


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