RENT Magazine Q3 '23

The pillars are just the beginning. Due to the recent market of increasing rents and the short supply of rental units, some prospective tenants feel the need to be dishonest on applications to be considered for a home. The ease of creating fake documents on the internet has made it easier for non-qualified tenants to trick property managers. Many of these tenants do not intend to be bad; they just generally do not have the ability to pay the rent being asked for. They must weigh the alternative to being homeless, so they go into survival mode and do whatever it takes to get approved.

The 4 pillars of tenant screening

A property manager can help protect themselves by doing the following:

Review the credit report. The credit report is more than just about the FICO score; it is about the story it tells. Just letting a prospective tenant know you check credit can open a conversation that may eliminate them. Click here to order a credit report.

Utilize Google and Social Media searches.

Check the listed employer’s company websites for a picture of your applicant.

Check the listed company’s websites for the picture of the HR or manager they listed for you to call.

Call the listed company directly and ask to speak to the employee and/or the listed HR rep or manager.

Google the listed company phone number they gave you. Does it match the company phone numbers?

When you speak to the company representative, ask specific questions, such as, how many hours do they work?

If they are self-employed, find out how they get clients and ask for proof (client reference, website). If they do gigs like ride sharing or food delivery, ask for statements from the companies they are working for.

If they are a student, have them provide their school’s email address and an acceptance letter.


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