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DIVERSIFICATION DSTs offer the potential for various levels of diversification:

Tenants. With as little as $100,000, an exchanger may invest in a diversified rent roll that, in the case of multifamily, senior housing or self-storage portfolios, could include several hundred tenants. Asset classes . With a slightly larger exchange, an investor may allocate to multiple investment strategies across different asset classes, including apartments, senior housing, medical office, NNN retail, industrial, office, self-storage, and student housing.

Geographies . Many DST programs offer multistate portfolios, while most are single-property offerings. For example, with only $300,000, one could have fractional interests in an Arizona property, Colorado property, and a three-property portfolio in Texas, Georgia, and Florida. Sponsors/Operators. Approximately a dozen real estate operators comprise two-thirds of the market for securitized passive replacement solutions. Investors can potentially benefit from the collective experience, resources, and track records of multiple large, institutional firms in a single exchange portfolio.

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Richard (Rick) Gann is an attorney, licensed real-estate broker, and general securities principal specializing in 1031 exchange solutions and he is co-author of the book How to Retire from Being a Landlord.

Footnotes: 1 -, referencing the 2015 Rental Housing Finance Survey 2 - Ibid. 3 - 4 - Mountain Dell 5 - Notwithstanding stocks held in a qualified retirement account, of course 6 - Subject to certain transactional line items that may be considered taxable “boot”, such as reserves

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