RENT Magazine Q3 '23

We've set the stage for unforgettable events that bring people together. Our enchanting Haunted Hayride, an eagerly anticipated Halloween tradition, cast a spell on both young and old, captivating their imaginations and creating a spine- tingling atmosphere and our Christmas with the Clydesdales event spread joy and brought families together in private igloo experiences to celebrate the Season. Sunset Magazine, renowned for its discerning taste, recognized our unique blend of natural beauty and warm hospitality, thrusting us into the spotlight. Moreover, we are humbled and thrilled to have been voted as the top Event Space and the second-best Lodging destination in all of Whitefish for Best of Whitefish. As we eagerly embrace the arrival of our first full summer operation, a wave of excitement permeates the air. Clydesdale Outpost is more than just a destination; it's a passionate mission to preserve and share the wonders of the Clydesdale Horse, a vulnerable breed that holds a delicate place in our hearts. We strive to introduce the world to these majestic creatures, ensuring their legacy continues to thrive.”

MATT ARNOLD-LADENSACK AAOA Member, Investor, and Managing Broker TOPOGRAPHY brokered by eXp 406-407-4488 clydesdale_outpost


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