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Ultimately, the best financing method for you is going to depend on your strategy, your credit, your goals, and your risk tolerance. One of the mistakes newer investors frequently make is calling one or two lenders and then proceeding forward. Financing varies more than you can imagine and lenders offer every level of terms, fees, interest, etc. So, don’t shortchange yourself by not taking the time to shop your deal. Calling at least ten lenders will give you a solid idea of what the market is doing and will help you narrow down which ones will be the best fit for you and your deal. The other benefit of calling multiple lenders is how much you’ll learn throughout the process, not to mention building relationships with lenders that might not be the perfect fit for THIS deal, but might be great for a different one. This is the kind of information you’ll glean from getting on the phone and interviewing lenders. Click here to get a free quote from multiple lenders.

JEN AND STACY CONKEY Founders Remote Multifamily Investing Academy

Jen and Stacy Conkey have a combined 20+ years as entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Through their diverse real estate experiences, Jen and Stacy Conkey know what it takes to identify deals and make offers on properties that will build a long-lasting wealth portfolio. With over a decade of experience sharing knowledge with other investors, Jen and Stacy have taught thousands of people across the globe on what it takes to succeed in real estate investing, with actionable strategies that make cashflow real estate fun and easy. To learn more, check out their newest book Multifamily Freedom Hacking: Your Playbook to Unlock Long-Term Cash Flow from Rental Properties available at


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