RENT Magazine Q4'23



Navigating the maze of housing laws can be a formidable challenge. A critical takeaway is the absolute necessity for property management professionals to insulate themselves from disparate impact claims. This demands an acute awareness and meticulous evaluation of occupancy policies and criminal history screening practices given their susceptibility to challenges. As we step into the future, the onus remains squarely on property management experts to stay abreast of fair housing legislation. Periodic training and continued education become non-negotiable, ensuring preparedness and adherence. With knowledge as the guiding compass, property managers can adeptly steer clear of complaints, CHARTING THE PATH AHEAD

The revival of the Discriminatory Effects Rule serves as a poignant reminder of the commitment required to eliminate housing discrimination. With this reinstatement, property management professionals bear the onus of ensuring their operations align seamlessly with the stipulations of the rule. By recognizing the intricate dynamics of disparate impact and proactively amending any unintentional biases, they can foster an inclusive housing environment. ensuring a compliant and inclusive housing landscape for all. In conclusion, as housing regulations evolve, professionals in the field must remain vigilant, informed, and proactive in their approach, ensuring fairness and equality in housing opportunities.

KATHELENE WILLIAMS Attorney and President The Fair Housing Institute

Kathi Williams is one of the founders of Fair Housing Institute. FHI is the accomplished vision of Kathi who views its educational courses as the best method housing providers can use to accomplish compliance and avoid litigation. Kathi is also a partner in the Law Firm of Williams Edelstein Tucker, P.C. providing defense and preventative representation for the housing industry in all civil rights matters. During the many decades Kathi has been advising her housing provider clients, she developed a unique understanding of the most effective methods of communicating fair housing best practices through training.


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