RENT Magazine Q4'23

Q: This is a separate function; cost segregation specialists are not accountants. Cost segregation specialists perform engineering-based studies and work hand in hand with your CPA/ER. When the study is complete, the cost segregation specialist hands off a one-line 481a adjustment for incorporation into your tax filing and should coordinate it with your CPA/ER. Some tax professionals provide an “accounting study,” which usually only includes obvious items, like rugs and landscaping, whereas cost segregation specialists review hundreds of items including parking lot striping, wallpaper, specialty plumbing and wiring, etc. Most tax professionals don’t have the expertise to conduct a comprehensive cost segregation study. Their job is to apply thousands of pages of tax code. Cost segregation experts only focus on one aspect of the tax code – cost segregation. They prepare an engineering-based study, which the IRS calls the “certain” method. Shouldn’t my CPA do this? A:


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