RENT Magazine Q4'23

Whether you’re just beginning to explore smart locks or looking to upgrade an existing access control system, there are five essential questions to ask first. Read on to discover just what to ask and more importantly, discover helpful answers to guide you to the successful implementation of a keyless entry solution. DON’T SWITCH TO KEYLESS ENTRY WITHOUT ASKING THESE 5 QUESTIONS WHAT KIND OF COVERAGE DOES MY CURRENT INTERNET PROVIDE? 1

Most multifamily communities these days are equipped with some level of Wi-Fi. According to a 2023 report from research firm Parks Associates, 88% of renters of multiple dwelling units (MDUs) and multifamily properties in the United States report having access to Wi-Fi through their property, either in unit or in a common area. Determining whether or not your existing network will support smart locks is often a question for a professional. Internet providers who specialize in multifamily properties can perform an assessment to uncover the way your building’s layout and construction impacts your network, pinpoint performance issues and suggest any improvements. When it comes to keyless entry, just know that outfitting an entire property with Wi-Fi- enabled smart locks may not be possible. Property owners and managers may discover that the building’s Wi-Fi network won’t stretch to connect to a smart lock on a pool gate or an outbuilding. Off-line locks provide great solutions for these outliers. For example, ReadyPIN-enabled smart locks work on or offline. ReadyPIN-enabled smart locks do not ever need to connect online to validate the PIN because the PIN code itself is encrypted with all the access permissions needed. This allows users to bring remote access control capabilities to any door, with or without a Wi-Fi network connection.



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