RENT Magazine Q4'23


Creating a positive resident experience is crucial in retaining tenants. It’s far easier to retain a good resident than it is to find a new one. The costs of advertising and showing a vacancy – to say nothing of $0 rent when a unit is empty – add up fast. CONCLUSION If you're looking to optimize utility cost recovery, consider trying Livable. The new Livable Pro platform is designed for the independent rental owner. Livable Pro has NO minimum unit requirement and the first month is free.

And while paying a utility bill is nobody’s favorite task, you can make it as painless as possible by using Livable’s custom RUBS billing system. That means a happier resident – one having a better experience and one more likely to renew their lease. The DIY setup allows you to enter building, unit and resident information rather than needing to set up an appointment with a billing expert. Once you’re set up you don’t have to worry about making utility billing mistakes, it practically runs on autopilot. Click here to try Livable Pro.

DANIEL SHARABI CEO & Co-founder Livable

Daniel Sharabi is the CEO & Co-founder of Livable, a utility management company with software solutions designed to save money, as well as the environment. Daniel’s immersive experience working within a multitude of sectors in Silicon Valley offers a homegrown advantage in his vision of leveraging technology to provide benefits for all: the property owner, property manager, the tenants, and our environment. To find out what Livable can do for your property check out or call 877-789-6027.


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