RENT Magazine Q4'23

2. What system do they use for tax reduction?

The best advisors don't just rely on their knowledge and experience; they follow a proven system for permanent tax reduction. A top- notch CPA should be able to show you evidence that they’ve used this system for many clients with real estate investments. Working with someone who consistently replicates results is a far better predictor of your future success than partnering with an advisor who operates without a system.

3. Who is in their network?

A top-notch real estate tax CPA is not an island. They are connected to a strong network of specialists, including real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, cost segregation specialists, insurance brokers and more. As your financial plans evolve and become more complex, having access to this vast pool of expertise can prove invaluable.

4. How often will we meet?

To be a true advisor, your CPA should meet with you throughout the year, not just at tax time. You're looking for someone who will proactively reach out to offer new ideas, get regular updates on your business and check in on your long-term goals. As a rule of thumb, something is wrong if you visit your dentist more often than you speak with your tax advisor.


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