RENT Magazine Q4'23

LEVERAGE YOUR CHARITABLE TAX DEDUCTIONS: TURN A $50K DONATION INTO A $200K DEDUCTION With a quality leverage deduction strategy, a client can take a minimum of $50K and turn it into a 4x or 5x charitable tax deduction or depreciation of assets deduction. Many real estate investors are in the top 2-3 income tax brackets. As a result, they are subject to a very large income tax bill.

who are self-employed and/or have investment properties, there are more tax mitigation options available. We can help clients in both arenas. With our most utilized strategy, the $50K becomes a $200K charitable deduction that can be counted against 30% of one's adjusted gross income.

W-2 income is the worst for tax mitigation because there are very limited options for tax deductions. This is the case for many of our Silicon Valley clients that have very high salaries. For those


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