RENT Magazine Q4'23

7. DEDUCT YOUR PASSIVE LOSSES While no one likes losses, losses on an apartment rental can offset other income, reducing your overall tax bill. Typically, rental real estate losses are considered passive and must offset other passive income. If your only other sources of income are active, don't throw in the towel on this item. Work with your tax advisor to see how to restructure your active income to create passive income. 8. ADD ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS Governments offer substantial incentives to people willing to help build infrastructure to support switching from gas to electric vehicles. If you qualify for these tax credits, it's an excellent opportunity to get the government to help pay for an upgrade to your property that will help you appeal to tenants who drive EVs. 9. INSTALL A SOLAR POWER SYSTEM Like charging stations, solar systems come with great tax incentives right now. The federal investment tax credit for solar systems is 30% through 2032, and bonus depreciation is still available. Use these incentives to get the government to help pay for another property upgrade. 10. HIRE YOUR KIDS Rental properties need a lot of regular, unskilled maintenance. Hiring your teenage children to handle basic landscaping, snow removal and other tasks can be a great solution. You’ll deduct the expense of the wages you pay them, and they’ll earn money that’s taxed at a lower rate than yours. Who knows? You could inspire your kids with a love of real estate, just like my mom and dad did.


Tax and wealth expert Tom Wheelwright® is a CPA, CEO of WealthAbility®, Rich Dad Advisor, entrepreneur, international speaker, and author of the bestselling books The Win-Win Wealth Strategy and Tax-Free Wealth. Wheelwright is the CPA for Robert Kiyosaki and has spoken on stage on six continents to over 100,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners and investors. He also is the host of two popular podcasts: The WealthAbility® Show with Tom Wheelwright® CPA and The WealthAbility® for CPAs Show.


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