RENT Magazine Q4'23


Over the last 20 years Jen and Stacy Conkey have been perfecting their system for getting started with acquiring multifamily properties and now they are sharing it to help others move closer to the three freedoms: Location, Time and Financial Freedom. The Book on Estimating Rehab By Jen & Stacy Conkey

This book covers everything you need to know, including: • How to have a rock-solid multifamily mindset

• Residential vs. commercial multifamily • The two primary multifamily strategies • All things related to funding your deals • How to scale your portfolio by remote investing and leveraging a team

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Addressing the future of affordable housing in America, Dr. Michael C. Threatt points to the mass exodus of 10,000 landlords leaving the Section 8 Program each year since 2009. Landlords’ perception of the Section 8 Program is institutional bureaucracy, and the bureaucratic red tape is their reality. Coincidentally, this is the unintended consequence of the price of bureaucracy which equals pain points for landlords. This book is a revolutionary game-changer in developing better relationships between landlords and public housing authorities (PHAs). It is a roadmap to address the pain points landlords face. As a landlord, Dr. Threatt understands what it’s like from the other side and provides real estate investment strategies for Section 8 real estate investors. The Price of Bureaucracy By Dr. Michael Threatt

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