RENT Magazine Q4'23

Finding and Funding Great Deals

By Anson Young

Finding great deals is one of the hardest aspects of becoming a successful real estate investor. Learn from the best as Anson Young, a seasoned real estate agent and investor, guides you through his

tried and true methods for finding deals in any market. Inside, he outlines his own methods as well as other techniques to help new and seasoned investors alike improve their real estate business.

Inside, you'll discover: • Effective marketing methods to find the best deals • Several professional market analysis techniques and tips • The best approaches to various types of financing • How to become a master at negotiating tough deals • Negotiation techniques • Ways to build business so you can continuously close deals • And much more!

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How to Own 1,000 Apartments in 5 Years

By Charles Dobens

This book has taken my years of experience and condensed them between these four corners; it will give you the knowledge – and thus the power – to learn this business the RIGHT way. I have made all the mistakes one can possibly make in the multifamily investing business, and I have not only lived to talk about them but am here to help you avoid those same obstacles so that you can accelerate your learning curve and achieve the success you deserve. Inside you will learn that the Multifamily Investing

Business is just that. It’s a Business. If done incorrectly, it becomes an expensive hobby. If done correctly, it becomes income for you and a legacy for your family and generations to come.

“I’ve been a fan of Mr. Dobens for years. His podcast is top notch, and I’ve recommended his investing academy to many colleagues. I was thrilled when I heard he wrote a book, and it does NOT disappoint! This book belongs on your MUST-READ list!” - Grant M.

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