RENT Magazine Q4'23


Beyond the hours you commit, it's essential that you, as the owner, make pivotal management decisions. These include, but aren't limited to, tenant approvals, terms of rental agreements, and oversight of property management tasks. This solidifies your status as an active participant, rather than a passive investor.


Maintaining meticulous records is not just good practice; it's essential for STR qualification. This includes logging hours spent on the property, recording all rental income and expenses, and documenting any property improvements or repairs. Proper records not only keep you aligned with IRS requirements but also pave the way for maximized deductions.


While this may not directly tie into tax implications, it's imperative to ensure that your STR complies with local regulations and ordinances. Some localities have restrictions or requirements for STRs, and non-compliance could result in hefty fines.

CONCLUSION Taxation, often seen as the bane of profits, holds within it secrets that can revolutionize your financial strategy. STRs, when understood and managed effectively, aren't merely real estate investments. They're financial masterstrokes that optimize, protect, and amplify your wealth.

Every decision, every strategy, every hour committed can culminate in not just savings but substantial gains. In the words of Tom Wheelwright, "Tax knowledge is powerful wealth knowledge." Don't just invest. Understand, strategize, and maximize.

BILAL MEHANNA, CPA, MST Founder Mehanna Advisors

Bilal Mehanna, CPA, MST is the founder of Mehanna Advisors. A visit to provides a glimpse into his dedication to illuminating the intricacies of business for his clients, empowering them to make strategic decisions and drive growth. Specializing in tax planning strategies, Bilal's ambitions stretch beyond immediate success. He is fervently committed to materializing wealth dreams and sculpting multi-generational prosperity for his clientele. A hallmark of Bilal's work is his dedication to unlocking potential, metamorphosing entrepreneurial aspirations into lasting legacies, and ensuring every client's financial trajectory shines brilliantly.


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