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to passive investors. There are multiple options for investing in real estate without the weekly headaches of self-managed rental properties. Check out our video series on: Passive Real Estate Investing. The Burdens of Operating Your Property are Affecting Your Life

Sometimes, enough is enough. Younger landlords simply have more energy to cope with the trials and tribulations of property ownership than the older versions of themselves. And sometimes, the wrong property manager simply exacerbates the problem. Whether your hot button is problem tenants, overwhelming bills/accounting, unending property maintenance or looming capital expenditures, you may be ready to “tap out.” You are in good company. Each year, thousands of people make the transition from active operators


RICHARD D. GANN, JD Managing Partner 1031 Capital Solutions (800) 445-5908

Richard (Rick) Gann is an attorney, licensed real-estate broker, and general securities principal specializing in 1031 exchange solutions and he is co-author of the book How to Retire from Being a Landlord.

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