RENT Magazine Q2 '23

There are many potential reasons why a tenant may want to file a lawsuit against their landlord. These reasons might include breach of contract, failure to make necessary repairs, illegal eviction, discrimination, or harassment. TOP REASONS A TENANT MAY SUE YOU AND HOW TO REDUCE YOUR LIABILITY

HERE ARE SOME COMMON TYPES OF LAWSUITS THAT TENANTS MAY BRING AGAINST LANDLORDS: BREACH OF CONTRACT A tenant may file a lawsuit against a landlord if the landlord has failed to uphold their contractual obligations, such as not providing a habitable living environment or not following the terms of the lease agreement. FAILURE TO MAKE REPAIRS If a landlord fails to make necessary repairs to a rental property, a tenant may be able to file a lawsuit for breach of the implied warranty of habitability, which requires landlords to maintain safe and livable conditions.


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