RENT Magazine Q2 '23

HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM TENANTS FROM HELL Being a landlord can be a profitable and rewarding experience, but it comes with its own set of challenges, including the potential for bad tenants. Bad tenants can cause a variety of problems, from damaging property to not paying rent on time or at all. Here are seven tips for landlords to protect themselves from tenants from hell:

SCREEN POTENTIAL TENANTS THOROUGHLY A common mistake landlords make is not asking for a rental application for every adult living in the unit. Screening starts with a thorough rental application (like this one) that gathers key information about all tenants, such as: • Full name • Date of birth • Social security number, driver’s license, state ID, or passport


• Previous addresses • Landlord references • Employment references • Vehicles • Pets (if you allow them)

• A place where they can sign and agree for you to run a credit and background check


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