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So, now we have a problem. Where do we start looking? The first place to search is with your team: tax professionals, estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, real estate agents, and so on. While these professionals may not know how the tax strategies work, they may know a tax strategist that can help. One thing to understand about tax strategies is that they are often put together by independent organizations. Most likely you will not find a group that provides all the strategies. For example, a Delaware Statutory Trust team will likely not also be working on Complex Spendthrift Trusts or Deferred Sales Trusts. And neither of those groups are likely to be Capital Asset dealers that deal with Structured Installment Sales or the Tax Deferred Cash Out. You will need to find someone who is well enough

connected to various teams so that they can help you to find a solution to your tax problem - if there is one. Essentially, you will want to find someone who acts more like an independent broker of tax strategies. By doing so, you have a greater chance of success at addressing your tax bill. By the way, sometimes it’s simply better to take the gut punch, pay the tax bill, and avoid having the IRS watch over what you do with the funds. Paying the taxes buys freedom that all of us that use valuable strategies don’t have. While I spend a lot of time finding solutions for large capital gains tax bills, in some cases I encourage people to pay the taxes. Everyone is different and needs to be helped accordingly. Click here to get a free tax deferment consultation .

SCOTT VARNEY Capital Gains Tax Strategist S V Consultants, Inc (408) 569-0778

Scott Varney is a capital gains tax strategist as well as a financial services professional. He helps clients think through options to defer, reduce, or eliminate capital gains taxes upon the selling of a highly appreciated asset, in this case, apartment buildings. He has a background in real estate as a top 1% producer nationally in the realm of residential real estate. He enjoys being with people and loves the opportunity to help solve challenging issues.

Disclaimer : We do not give legal tax advice. The best way to get guidance on your specific legal issue is to contact an attorney.


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