RENT Magazine Q3 '22

How Could This Benefit DST Investors? Rising real estate prices might indicate the real estate cycle is nearing its peak, so it could be a good opportunity for investors to sell their multifamily investment buildings. However, selling in an expansion market cycle could trigger a significant capital gains tax bill! DST 1031 exchange investments help sellers defer their capital gains taxes while gaining access to institutional quality real estate assets with the potential for monthly income. DST 1031 exchanges can be structured with leverage for replacing debt or as all-cash/debt-free, eliminating the risk of lender foreclosure. MACRO REAL ESTATE TREND #2: RISING REAL ESTATE ASSET PRICES While real estate prices have slowed slightly in recent months, they have still grown by nearly 20% compared to last year according to a recent report by CNBC. Furthermore, net leased real estate is also experiencing its highest level of demand in history with billions of dollars flooding in from seemingly everywhere.


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